The Many Faces of Benjamin Steven ...

by Kristi Van Dyk in

[caption id="attachment_516" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Mid-sentence"][/caption] Our little boy can be so mellow. He just enjoys being with people ... and that makes him easy to take places. However, when he is uncomfortable or distressed you have a VERY limited amount of time to correct the problem. As soon as he snaps, he snaps FULL FORCE! He, very early in life, found the upper register squeal. It is MOST effective in getting Mommy's immediate attention. He doesn't use it OFTEN, but he has learned that when he's had enough, it gets him results. It's not only the crying, though, Benjamin has VERY VERY vivid facial expressions. See here some of the faces we snapped in our picture taking frenzies.

[caption id="attachment_515" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Daddy is funny!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_517" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="You want to do WHAT??!!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="I DON'T think that's happening"][/caption]

More often than not, we see Benjamin with his million dollar smile. This smile is accentuated by his single dimple! I never thought about it while pregnant, but it would stand to reason that at least one of our babies would inherit their father's single dimple. It's entirely appropriate that it's his namesake, Benjamin Steven. Here are both of my boys, happy together.

[caption id="attachment_519" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Happy with Daddy"][/caption]