We've got personality ...

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Both Kayleigh and Benjamin have so much personality at such a young age. I don't consider myself to be super wacky (although I definitely have my moments). So, I often wonder where they came up with the wackiness ...  then I pull up images in my mind like this: Or perhaps this:

Either way, it's clear that their silly craziness comes from their Daddy ... Some proof? No problem:

Kayleigh imitating her father by sitting at the table, alternating whether she's drinking Pepsi or Mt. Dew (all empty cans she pulled from the recycle!) ... I personally love the tip back the head to drain the last drops, I see him do that CONSTANTLY! Benjamin just started pulling his stunts today. He was in the exersaucer, sitting between Kayleigh and Mommy, while we ate lunch. He didn't know who to focus on so, he nearly made himself dizzy switching from Kayleigh to Mommy to Kayleigh to Mommy, etc. :) It was good for a laugh. Video won't upload, but I'll work on it for a later post.

In short, as silly as they are, at the end of the day, they love each other. See picture snapped THROUGH the stroller screens. Ben is chilling and Kayleigh is making sure his paci stays in place, just holding it there while she relaxes. :) I love watching them work together ... it makes me so proud.