"Own ..."

by Kristi Van Dyk in

As we are approaching 22 months, I'm starting to see monthly words emerge .... words that Kayleigh likes to try out, repeatedly, for the entire month. This month the theme has been doing things on her own. Don't get me wrong, she still wants someone there to watch her and guide her through her activities. BUT, she always wants to do things on her own. Just yesterday we heard all of the following: When we color: "Own crayons ... Own paper. Mommy, color own paper." When we eat dinner: "Own taco ... Kayleigh own taco, meat in there, cheese in it. Own." When we hang up clothes: "Kayleigh own hanger. K Do it. Momma, K own hanger." When we give Beny paci/Blankets: "K own blanket, K own paci. Get paci? Get K blanket? K own!" (This is especially traumatic because kitty has  a blanket too and she can't handle having Benny have one, kitty have one and her not! So, she often carries it around the house to blend in).

IF ONLY we could get her to want to use the toilet on her own ... so far that hasn't caught on quite yet. Soon, perhaps ...