Coffee "Date"

by Kristi Van Dyk in

It was Tuesday morning; the kids were sick. Mommy had to skip Bible study (BUMMER) because no one wants sick babies in the nursery. So, since Bible study was out, I was trying to find a new way to brighten my day. After Benjamin went down for his morning nap (around 8:45), I decided to make myself a skinny white chocolate/chocolate mocha and have a slice of cream filled coffee cake from the Oostburg Bakery (Thanks Sarah from bringing it back with you!). As I prepared my coffee my cute little toddler wandered into view. "Coffee too, Momma??""No, Kayleigh, no coffee for you. You may have juice and a treat, though, would you like that?" "Yes, Momma. Treat with Momma at table." So, I cut a small sliver of coffee cake for Kayleigh and one for myself. We sat and talked (almost nearly like real adults do) about what was happening outside, what we wanted to do today, and what we did yesterday. It struck me mid-conversation just how very very grown up my little coffee date was ... such a doll. Here's her reaction to her first few bites of some of Oostburg's finest baked goods :)

9-21 I like coffee cake