Unique Entertainment

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Several years ago, Steve and I were sitting on the couch, watching a storm raging outside our window. We have a very large front window, excellent for views of the neighborhood (and into our house if we aren't careful about the blinds). We were watching the "romantic" storm when a bolt of lightning flashes out of the sky and strikes the giant tree in our front yard. It's a massive crack and we both spring up, thinking that for certain the tree is coming down on the house. It didn't ... it also died. Making it liable to come down on our house with any subsequent lightning strike or powerful wind storm. With some of the incredible storms we had this summer (and the potential for more storms this coming fall), we decided to have it removed. Insurance won't cover the tree removal, unless it damages our house. While we'd enjoy having some say in the remodel/rebuilding of our home, we aren't really in a financial position to do that :) ... even with the help of insurance. So, we decided to bite the bullet and pay the $1000 fee to have the tree cut down and hauled away. Today (Tuesday, Sep 21) was the day. As soon as the trucks arrived for the work, my baby girl was hooked. She narrated all that they were doing as best she could ... and she never took her eyes of them for 1 second. She was so enthralled by their work and their presence that she hauled her step stool over to the window, brought over her fruit juice and Cheerios and made it her entertainment for the day ... She sat longer watching the "Boys workin'" than she did anywhere the rest of the day.