Our Little Greeter

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Kayleigh loves people. She has loved people since she was old enough to smile. Today, her welcoming of people takes on a different form. She's so much more verbal that it's just hilarious to be around her. This past week she sat at the door waiting for: Daddy, Aunts Sarah and Maria, and Robin. As soon as she grasps that were having a visitor, she sits at the screen door, watching the street. Each car that comes by brings her cheerful voice, "Momma!!! I see car!!! I see car!!!" When it passes by she says, "Oh different car coming ... different car for ____" When the car arrives, well, just watch and see. It's excitement in its purest form followed by a straight sprint "Runnin' ... Runnin' fast!" towards the back door, through the breezeway, and out to the driveway where she almost always realizes, "Oh ... no shoes, Momma, No shoes on!!" Here she is waiting for her aunties to come:

Here's her waiting for her Daddy to come home from work: 9-29 Waiting for Daddy