Benny's Chair

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Okay, so it really isn't Benny's chair, it's either of them ... Basically, it went like this.1. Mommy and Daddy went to Ikea to buy a recliner 2. Mommy can resist most other things at Ikea because we don't NEED them ... but when it comes to the babies, she's a softy. She saw a mini-recliner. The way Kayleigh adored the old glider (now in the basement), I knew she'd love the matching little kids recliner. 3. We purchased it.

Kayleigh adores it, but Benny got a turn too. He was so proud of himself for sitting by himself, so we had to take pictures. Next up on the picture agenda: Benny and Daddy in matching outfits watching Michigan Football.