Quotable Kayleigh

by Kristi Van Dyk in

The sentences coming out of my daughter's mouth are increasingly long and even more hilarious than the one before. She's getting very good at combining words and concepts that she knows to clearly convey the ideas she wishes to express. Here are few of the quotes and the images that captured her face when she uttered them. "Momma? It's cold. I need socks. I wear socks on hands so I not cold."

"Momma? I miss Daddy. He come sit down by Kayleigh's fire pit? I wait for Daddy to sit down by Kayleigh." (This was 10:00 a.m. ... she had a long wait that lasted less than 2 minutes)

"Momma? Momma! RafaEL in Benny boy's swing! RafaEL is swinging REALLY, REALLY HIGH!, Momma I get him." (Then proceeds to try to pick up the kitty ... I stop her to take the picture ... it was really adorable).

The final quotable requires a couple of back stories. (1). Bri babysat a while ago and Kayleigh fell in love with her silly bands. In fact, we had them, hidden in the back of Kayleigh's princess car for at least a month. Each time K happened upon them she'd go crazy and put them all over her wrists, talking the whole time about Bri's bracelets. (2). We went to return a large bag of pop bottles at the store and, as is typical, Meijers was a little flooded. 2 machines were down, 3 were full, that left 2 open for the long line of people and bottles. We patiently waited our turn (all three of us), and as we got up next, saw that two people behind us just had a few bottles. I didn't feel right letting them wait when I knew I would take forever. SO, I let the businessman go first. He took a few minutes, but after he was finished he walked up and said, "Here, you deserve this. You let me go in front of you and your little kids were so sweet. Take this return and by your sweet girl something fun."

Here's where the two collide. I walked Kayleigh down the toy section, with a businessman's bottle return burning a hole in my pocket. As we walked, eagle eye Kayleigh spotted them first.

"Momma! Mickey Mouse Silly Bandz!!! Momma! Mickey Silly bandz for KAYLEIGH!!! (This continued until I finally saw them and grabbed them ... exactly the amount we had from the businessman)." I grabbed the bands and after checkout gave my little girl her treasured bands. Her first words of gratitude??? "Show Bi Bi!!! Momma, take picture to show Bi Bi Mickey Mouse Silly Bandz"

Here's the pic we texted to Bri: