Dinner and a Show

by Kristi Van Dyk

Tonight at dinner the kids were in rare form. 

Madeleine was spouting some incredible vocabulary. Benjamin was practicing counting backwards in Mandarin in one breath and singing us some Ocean song in Spanish in a second breath. And when the chaos was semi still, Kayleigh spoke up and said, "I know my whole verse. I can tell that to you." And on and on and on and on it went - a stream of syllables I couldn't make sense of, beautiful melodic tones that sounded like music ... and when she finally took a breath I asked where it was found. "Well, I can't translate it all for you but its 24: 1, 7 and 8 something, and it asks a question that says, 'Who is he??' Which seems kind of silly but that's what the words mean ... why would the Bible ask 'Who is He?' shouldn't it know?" And so I knew exactly where it was found and we had a great discussion ... 

Kayleigh gladly recited her verse tonight and immediately after read it back in English so that she could share the moment with you. We've been teaching her to blog - and she asked if she had "made my Mommy blog" tonight ... With tears still in my voice I could confidently say, "Yes, sweetheart, yes you 'made the blog.'"