Goliath wasn't so big after all

by Kristi Van Dyk

It's September. We've started the migration towards fall routines. The evenings are deliciously cool - and we've begun to sleep with windows wide open to enjoy the night air. 

September also brings this incredible nostalgia for my kids. Each time we get in the car its a contest to see who will ask to turn on 'the Maranatha songs' first. Lately, its been our Maddie Mae. She's lightning fast. Her seatbelt is barely fastened before we hear, "Can I be DJ? How about we start with the Doxology?" 

I love this season of our year because it means car rides are free from arguments and instead are punctuated by beautiful voices (however off key) in sincere worship. We belt out songs with all of our heart, and as we do, we remember the relationships we formed and the truths we learned. It gives this reflective Momma SO MUCH FOOD for conversation ... little nuggets of teachable GOLD while my tinies are captive and can't run away. :). I LIVE for these car rides. 

Recently, though, my mind was elsewhere, and my littles took up the family mantle ...
They brought me back to my knees with some truths that are far from child-like.


"Mom, play Bible Story, please!!!!!" 

(inward groan as I begin to talk to Siri and pull up the song). This summer, the kids gravitated to this funky little techno tune. If you stick through the synthesized introduction long enough, you can catch some incredible truths. But since this song plays about 6-10 times a week in our car, I have had plenty of moments to reflect. Or so I thought ... 

I started the song and tuned out, but I couldn't resist a quick look back at Madeleine during a stoplight. She's absolutely DARLING on this song. I wasn't disappointed ... she was in full form at the chorus ... striking each little muscle pose and pinky promise followed by a jazzy little finger point ...

(now, back to driving focus ... with any luck I'll hit the next stoplight around Moses parting the sea)

Stand up, Stand up you don't have to be afraid
He will give you courage, He's given you the strength
Put your faith in God and I promise if you do, 
He will make a Bible Story out of YOU. 

I was broken from my contemplation by Tiny's voice, shouting over the music

"Momma! This is just like Joshua!" 
me: "yes (absentmindedly), Joshua is a Bible story"
"No, Mom, our Joshua. We're gonna be a Bible Story!!" 
(Kayleigh caught her drift before I did): "Maddie, you're right. Just like it says, 'All it takes is a little faith and a willing heart.' That's just like us. We aren't perfect, but we are jumping out in faith, and we believe God will take care of the rest. We really might be a Bible story!"

Cue the waterworks. 

Amazing truth in a children's song ... truth that I need to hear at this stage of the journey. 

Our red sea might be $20,000. 
Or Maybe our lion's den is an 1-800 returned in half of the expected time
Goliath, struck down by a slingshot, might actually be one less waiting child, one less orphaned son, one more toddler who learns to love in a family and live in a community.

Maybe ... just maybe we are a Bible story


PS The girls recorded the song for you on video but it's such an assault to the ears that I just couldn't share it :) 

Maybe the youtube version will get your house jamming like it does mine :)