Even in our failures ...

by Kristi Van Dyk

I have been dragging my feet to write this post. Mostly because its so incredibly humbling. My selfish, prideful, SINFUL nature simply doesn't want "my world" to know that I made a major blunder (like major). However, the longer I drag my feet the more I realize that I have to share this - I owe it to our Joshua story to own God's power amidst my shortcomings. 

The fateful morning began as I sat down to the book of Acts.  That very morning I read a story I had never heard in Sunday school. Paul was teaching in a house church and the text says (Acts 20), "Seated in a window was a young man name Eutychus, who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. (So it happened then too, eh?) When he was sound asleep, he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead."  The story goes on to describe that through the power of the Holy Spirit, working in Paul, Eutychus was raised to life and the people praised God for a miracle. 

I chuckled to myself as I read that passage. It takes NOTHING away from the power of God, but the dude was sitting in a 3rd story window and fell asleep! Serious lapse in judgement there!!!  ...  I guess it was Eutychus's "lucky day" that Paul was nearby and able to raise him from the dead ...  I left my quiet time feeling pity for the guy who became a Bible story by falling asleep ... 

Little did I know this was foreshadowing as to how my day would unfold. 

Late last week I had put together all of our precious, precious gold sealed documents (10 of them in all). Followed every letter of the instructions online and paid the fees in a cashier's check (something I'd never gotten before). Then I mailed the documents off to the consulate. (I know, my adoptive mom readers have already realized my fall from the window, but I am still dozing peacefully). I felt great because we were keeping on top of things, our house was devoid of anything left "to do" other than read more books and write our book reports ...

oh and plan this incredible event that is coming up!!! EEEK

I was elated. 

Cue up Tuesday, it's around 1:30, and I receive an unknown call on my personal cell at work. I ignore it and continue working on a video I was editing. Unlike most unknown callers, they left a voicemail. I immediately listened, "Good afternoon. My name is Denise Hope of 'There's always hope.' The Chinese consulate in Chicago notified me because they have your paperwork. You can't submit without a courier. If you want me to have them mail your paperwork back to you, without the signatures, I can gladly do that, OR I can take your papers and help you out. Let me know!" 

Again, I'm still falling out of the window about to hit ground and don't quite realize the miracle that has just happened. I call my agency (just to verify this isn't some scam). They verified that sure enough I needed a courier. One doesn't simply mail papers to the consulate ... (SLAM I hit the ground. MASSIVE failure ...). Our agency also notified me that THIS particular courier, who had called me, was indeed the best there was. She had the power to resurrect this costly mistake. In short, this was my "lucky day."

I instantly called the courier back - apologized for my ignorance, listened patiently as she told me how to correct things (And not just correct them improve them!!!). In end, we were able to save money from the way I had been planning to certify (even with the courier fees) and more importantly, we saved time too. At the conclusion of our conversation Denise said, "Hey, no worries. Everyone can use a lucky day. Today was yours." 

A lucky day ... more like a miracle to correct a thoughtless mistake ... 

Work graciously allowed me to leave (LOVE MY WORK FAMILY) to correct the situation and sort it all out ... and I, now that its Friday, have finally stopped shaking from the emotion and stress of it all. I can process what happened concretely. 

Well meaning people who don't follow protocol during this adoption process typically experience extra delays, more costs. If you miss a detail you experience a set back. As God protected us through this process we experienced a speed up in the paperwork, a decrease in costs and yet another chance to feel that God is directing this all.

I blew it. 
God redeemed it. 
And in so doing He put HIS seal on that envelope, and on our process, again.