All I have needed ...

by Kristi Van Dyk

I have dragged my feet for weeks in writing this post. I ache just thinking about money. But money has been God's business since this journey first began. He knows what we stand in need of, and He has provided in POWERFUL POWERFUL ways. It's not coincidence our art auction artist has used that phrase to inspire one of the works we will showcase ... (more on that later) We are far from complete on this journey, and far from having all of the answers, but we still need to stop and celebrate the joys of how far God has brought us. As followers and supporters of our family in this journey, you deserve to know -- full disclosure -- the status of all things money. So, because you have trusted us with your treasure, we will show you how we have given it all back. 

Agency Application                                                                                       $   500.00
Adoption Training Program                                                                           $    150.00
Initial Installment of Agency Fees                                                                 $3,000.00
Home Study Fees                                                                                           $2,550.00
USCIS Fee                                                                                                       $   890.00


I seriously sit here weeping at the beauty of it. We are this far simply because God has provided. It's so beyond all that we could have asked or imagined. 

And ... that's not all ... 

Presently, we have an account balance! I repeat, we have an account balance. The adoption fund will cover the following next steps: 

Translation and Document Fees                                                                 $    600.00
Dossier Registration Fees                                                                           $  1,100.00
Dossier Translation                                                                                      $    260.00
Agency Fees (less grants we were awarded)                                             $ 3,000.00
Charitable Aid contribution                                                                         $   500.00

So, Lord willing, upon receipt of our I-800A approval (which we hope to receive in the next couple of weeks), we have the funds to become an LID family. We.are.overwhelmed. BLOWN AWAY. Humbled. 

And yet ...
What's next.
Due prior to traveling ...
This part brings us to our knees in deeper, fervent prayer for God's provision and our continued patience to TRUST in Him. 

Travel expenses (meals, translator, trips, etc)                                             $  5,000.00*
**This includes 2 adults, Benjamin's expenses have been pledged - PRAISE JESUS!
Flights                                                                                                           $ 3,000.00
Hotels                                                                                                            $ 1,500.00
Professional services in country                                                                   $ 1,500.00
Joshua's Visa                                                                                                 $   325.00
Post placement fees                                                                                      $  500.00
Child's passport/notarization, etc in country                                               $ 1,100.00
Required orphanage donation                                                                      $5,700.00
Medical exam fees                                                                                         $   300.00

These fees. This journey. It gives me a sucker punch right to the gut to think about the mountain that still stands in front of us. But, again, we want to share with how God has led us to act. 

  • Any fee under $700 we have paid from our own funds. All fees greater than that we reach into the adoption fund. 
  • We are applying for grants, as many grants as we can find. One grant per week to be exact. We continue to pray that we will be selected for something, anything... 
  • We are hosting a fabulous fundraising event - An art auction - I'll post, soon, the details of how to register - but we humbly invite you to join us - Saturday, November 5th at Zeeland Christian School from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m! We have a precious friend who creates custom, amazing watercolor. She has been working tirelessly to make certain we have BEAUTIFUL artwork for you! In addition to the artwork that can be purchased at the auction, Ginny will be on hand - at our event - to take custom orders. Please consider joining us - even if you don't wish to purchase artwork - we'd love to shake your hand, thank you for your prayer support - and share some incredible appetizers over good conversation about God's work in our life. 

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do and all that you have done.

With deepest love,
The Van Dyk 6.