an upsurge of fear

by Kristi Van Dyk

... thats how Pastor Gray explained the general feelings when people of faith embark upon a journey embedded with risk. When they accept the bold leap that is the transition from something known to something unknown. I will admit ... I've been dwelling in the upsurge of fear lately. These past three months have not been easy at the Van Dyk home. Our paradigm shifted at school in a drastic way, we said goodbye to a dear dear friend and "uncle," and we are forging ahead towards the final stages of fund gathering for a journey across the world. I think its only natural that through all of this we would feel the desire to "turn back." 

As I struggled with doubts and fears, with deep longings to return to a life less risky, my wise spouse challenged me to sink back in ... listen in on the words, messages and challenges that inspired us to begin this journey. 

I could not have imagined how these familiar words would fall so fresh ... How my perspective of my desert contrasting the lush oasis would be modified or changed as the result of time and experiences. But nevertheless, I found the message incredibly helpful in this season of growing. If you have 45 minutes, play it in the background while you work, or sit with it before binging on Netflix tonight. For many of you, walking next to us, in your own seasons of unknown, I hope you'll find in it a word of hope from the Lord. 

It's well worth the full 45 minutes. 

"God is always more interested in the journey than the destination, because it's in the journey where we're formed."