A Brother for Benjamin: Part 2

by Kristi Van Dyk

First and foremost this post is written by Steve which will explain the sudden change in voice, sentence structure, and content. tl;dr donate here.

Secondly, everything at this point seems to be going well. In April we trusted that God would provide for us and thus far He has. That isn't to say it hasn't been without a struggle or two, but each time we throw our hands up and scream "WHY!!!!!" we're usually met with a quiet and subtle response. That is to say our yelling is not a cause and affect. It is more of God saying to us "... and you thought I forgot". At which point we shake our heads and are reaffirmed in our decision to pursue this adoption.

Now the reason I'm really writing this post. We did some early research and did not find any great ways to accept donations that were also tax deductible. As much as we wanted to the few we found required too high a percentage of the donation, or required that we completed our home study. Now that the home study is done we did some more homework and came across a new site called Pure Charity. Pure Charity will accept your tax deductible donation and ear mark it for our fundraiser in such a way that the alphabet soup of government agencies won't come knocking on your door. (Aside: The IRS will MAIL a letter in the mailbox. They do not call, they do not email. Do not respond to the IRS unless they send you paper. If you respond to email or phone you will be a victim of scam/fraud/etc. and that will be sad. Don't be sad)

At this point the YouCaring site is still active, but we will work to remove that from service as to not thoroughly confuse people. I do want to stress a sincere thanks to those of you who have shown your belief in us through words, kindness, and donations. I do apologize that this option was not available sooner in the process. The new site is available here and we would love your help in spreading the word.

Thanks again for all your support, prayers, and conviction that through God's work we can bless this little boy we call Joshua.

Steve & Kristi

p.s. My wife just said if we are able to complete this task by March 1st, it will be "faster than a pregnancy" I'm not sure why I'm sharing that, I just find that amusing. I warned you about content at the beginning...