Almost too good to be true

by Kristi Van Dyk

God has worked some miracles on our behalf. Little by little, precious friend by precious friend, gift by gift, even total strangers - and people we will never know ... 

God demonstrated in a most tangible way, that when we He calls - He equips. 

I've been journaling our process - and God is slowly revealing to me what may come of these  visions, these radical, life defining moments (could there really be a #wedohardthings book?) As I prepared this blog, I came across one of my journal entries written on April 3rd.  It was in response to notes on a teaching by Toran Scott from Joshua 3. The quote I reflected upon said this, "When God rises up to lead us, it is our response to trust, obey, believe, and follow. When those are linked up - we see the fruits of His miracle." Then I responded, "We're crossing our Jordan right now." 

I truly believe that we are seeing the fruits of His miracles: 

Our last financial update was posted in October - here.  At that time, we noted that the following finances stood before us yet: 

Travel expenses                                                                                                               $5,000.00
Estimated flights                                                                                                             $3,000.00
Hotel estimations                                                                                                             $1,500.00
Professional services in country                                                                                      $1,500.00
Joshua's Visa                                                                                                                    $  325.00
Post placement fees                                                                                                         $ 500.00
Child's passport/notarization, etc in country                                                                  $1,100.00
Required orphanage donation                                                                                         $5,700.00
Medical exam fees                                                                                                            $  300.00
For a total of                                                                                                                     $18,925.00

I remember posting that evening. We titled it "All I have needed" because it was our prayer. We were clinging to the promise that God would provide. But really, $18,925 might as well have been $100,000 at that point ... seemingly unattainable. 

Today, our PureCharity page stands at $12,715. (PRAISE GOD!) 
The bank account that we set up in order to house donations that came to us directly, carries a balance of $2,259.26

Do that math, please ... 

Then do it again, because we still can't believe it ... 


Friends, we are staring at the fruits of His miracle. $3,950.74 (if all goes exactly as predicted with no hiccups or extras), $3,950.74 is all that stands in the way of completely eradicating this enormous obstacle. 

We are stunned. Steve said tonight, "I feel like it's almost too good to be true."  

We absolutely can not wait to see what incredible miracle God has planned to allow us to walk across our Jordan River on dry ground. 

Join us in shouting from the rooftops the provision of our great God. 

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