Introducing "Hands in the Dirt ..."

by Kristi Van Dyk in

Each time I say this I am reminded of high school freshman English when we watched "Dances with Wolves." There was a segment on naming in the Native American culture and as Kevin Costner earned his name, so it would appear that my son has earned his. It began about two months ago when we took Benjamin along to a friend's house (I'll keep names out because I don't want to embarrass people! Honestly, we think this is hilarious and aren't upset ... but no use calling people out when it's not necessary). My friend hadn't seen Benny since he was born. She took one look, and like most people, exclaimed about his size. "If he keeps going he could be a lineman for Michigan!" I chuckled and reminded myself of the promise I made years ago - for my babies - no football or hockey: too dangerous. (Not to mention TONS of potential for brain damage!)

Another incident, just a month later ... a different football enthusiast took a look at Benny ... his comment cracked me up. "You're headed straight for the line, buddy ... You're gonna have your hands in the dirt!"

Then again, yesterday, while visiting my mom's school, one of her fellow teachers came up to talk to the boys. Ryan was running around the halls and Benny was smiling in his stroller. The teacher came over and talked to Benjamin about being on "the line," and he told Ben he could practice "hitting his cousin - the running back." Alaina and I laughed ... yet another reference about my baby boy's giant size.

People literally stop me in the grocery store (usually when I have him in the Baby Bjorn and his legs hang down to my mid-thigh with his head tucked up under my chin) and comment on the huge-ness of my baby. I guess I'm relieved that they are done commenting on the huge-ness of my belly. It was far more difficult to take when complete strangers kept asking me if I was overdue at 6 months pregnant.

All of this to say, Steve and I have begun to refer to Benjamin as, "Hands in the Dirt." Sample evening conversation:

Kristi: Which one do you want? Steve: I don't care. If you're sick of one, I can take that one. (Then he usually suggests taking Kayleigh because she's a typical clingy two year old right now and tends to get on my nerves the fastest) Kristi: Eh ... I'm fine. I was thinking of taking her so I could get some good snuggle time. Steve: Okay, you take "princess" and I've got "hands in the dirt."

So I guess it's time to start reconsidering my stance on football ... OR maybe I'll just wait and see if his growth levels out. He has a few years before Rocket football begins. PLUS, the baby doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He'd likely be "the gentle giant" over the fearsome, bruising lineman. Just look at that face ... does it spell aggressor to you?

[caption id="attachment_872" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="In case you can't tell his sheer size from this photo: He's wearing a 9 month polo that doesn't cover his belly and a pair of 12 month khakis that just barely fasten at the waist"][/caption]